STIHL FCS-KM Straight Shaft Edger Attachment

commercial straight shaft edger attachment Kombi Multi-Task Straight Shaft Edger Attachment

Tired of wearing the line out of your trimmer using it as a edger? Buy the STIHL straight shaft lawn edger. With it’s metal blade it gives you that precision edge you are looking for.

straight shaft edger

The STIHL straight shaft edger attachment delivers more power to the cut. Comes standard with a depth control wheel & has an open guard design. Make fast work of long walkways, cart paths, driveways, etc. A must have for landscape companies. The STIHL FCS-KM straight lawn edger can be used with the KM 56 R, KM 90 R, KM 110 R or  KM 130 R Kombi powerhead (sold seperately).