BGE 61 STIHL Handheld Electric Blower

The STIHL BGE 61 electric blower is a powerful, quiet, easy-to-use handheld blower. For performance that’ll blow you away…latch on to a versatile STIHL blower. Get yours at Sharpe’s Lawn Equipment in Statesville.

Powerful BGE 61 Electric Hand Held Blower

If you think an electric blower isn’t powerful, check out this one. Lightweight and high-powered, the BGE 61 electric hand held blower is great for cleaning up leaves and grass clippings around the home. Part of a new generation of STIHL leaf blowers that are both quiet and easy to use, this blower features a built-in cord retainer to keep you connected so you can get the job done. Choose the best…STIHL & Sharpe’s Lawn Equipment in Statesville, NC.

No gas smell, no pull starting.. that’s the BGE 61 electric blower. It’s lightweight but powerful! Come check one out! Sharpe’s Lawn Equipment serves Statesville, Mocksville, Mooresville, Lake
Norman, Salisbury, Winston-Salem, Elkin, Hickory, Catawba, Taylorsville &
many more.