Holganix Granular

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Holganix Granular root stimulator organic

The result is a more natural living soil using nutrients and water more efficiently while building deeper and denser root systems for healthier overall turf.

Builds healthier soil & deeper roots

Allows fertilizer to work more efficiently

Holganix Healthy Grow Fertilizer

Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow

When you combine Holganix with Healthy Grow, it’s like giving the product Red Bull and as the saying goes, Healthy Grow “gets wings” and results are amplified. Not only do you get the benefit of adding a carbon source to your roster of turf products, but you also get all the holistic benefits contained in a jug of Holganix.

Healthy Grow is a granular, organic based fertilizer created from egg laying poultry manure. Healthy Grow has an ACCM (Aerobically Composted Chicken Manure) base, which means the manure is aerobically composted over a 45 – 60 day period. After composting, it is further processed with other organic and traditional ingredients to create a nutrient rich, biological, and user-friendly hybrid or organic fertilizer. Ultimately, this means Healthy Grow isn’t pasteurized (doesn’t inhibit living biology) and the smell associated with manure-based fertilizers is kept in check. What else is so special about Healthy Grow? Healthy Grow is packed with organic matter containing carbon sources.

Results You Can See

  • Deeper, thicker root system
  • Greatly improved organic matter in the soil
  • Healthier plants and soil are better able to resist damage from insects and disease
  • Consistent color with less surge growth (less clippings)
  • Very low burn potential
  • Improved drought tolerance and recovery
  • Significant improvement in biology of the soil
  • Improved plant vigor

Holganix 7-9-5 Healthy Grow