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Want to keep your green & yard weed free? Apply 15-0-5 with .13 Dimension or 19-0-6 with Dimension & Confront3, both have MESA. These products will prevent Crabgrass from germinating and green up your yard.

Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow

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Winning Colors Grass Seed

2014 - June 3rd (6)

Take your yard to the next level….. use HOLGANIX with Healthy Grow


Lebanon MESA

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MESA® is a unique nitrogen source that combines ammonium sulfate with methylene urea in a single, homogeneous particle. The result is an extremely effective and controlled nitrogen source that produces consistent, dark green color without excessive growth.

For years, sulfur coated urea (SCU), and similar products, have long been thought of as an effective way to control the release of fertilizer nutrients. Unfortunately, these coated-products have always contained shortcomings: losing their slow-release properties when cracked, the coating adding no agronomic value to the soil, and their inability to break down completely, leaving residual behind.

Come to Sharpe’s Lawn Equipment & Service in Statesville, NC for your FREE customized Lawn Maintenance Program with all your fertilizer, grass seed, preemergent & post emergent needs. YES, you can finally be the envy of the neighborhood & have the yard of your dreams.

Landscapers can call ahead so their orders will be palletized and ready for loading when they arrive which means less down time. Just another way Sharpe’s Lawn Equipment tries to help lawn maintenance companies to be more profitable and do it yourself homeowners be more productive!

Sharpe’s Lawn Eq. also offers a wide variety of chemicals for your home and yard. Below is list of our most popular chemicals. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us. We can get most any chemical at great prices.

Granular Turf Products:

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Winning Colors Grass Seed
Winning Colors Plus Grass Seed
Shady Supreme Grass Seed
12-25-12 Homogeneous Starter Fertilizer
10-20-5 Starter Fertilizer with Biosolids
32-0-6 Spring and Winter Fertilizer
15-2-8 Organic Fertilizer with MESA
15-0-5 Dimension – Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass
19-0-6 Dimension/Confront – Crabgrass Preventor & Post-emergent of Broadleaf Weeds
19-0-6 LockUp – Weed & Feed
0-0-7 Barricade – Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass
Holganix – Stimulates root growth
Bifenthrin Insecticide
Dylox 6.2 Grub Killer
Headway G Fungicide – Granular Preventer & Curative for Fungus
Woodace Preen Plus – Flower Bed Pre-emergent
Snapshot 2.5TG (Ornamental Bed Pre-emergent)
PennMulch Seed Accelerator
Mole Scram
Acelepryn G – Insecticide/Grub Control
Barricade DG – Driveway Pre-emergent
Solu-Cal Fast Acting Lime
Erosion Matting

Other Landscaping Chemicals:

Roundup QuikPRO Herbicide – Total Vegitation Killer (71% Glyphosate + 2% Diquat)
Pylex Herbicide – (Kills Bermuda Grass in Fescue)
Drive XLR8 – Kills Crabgrass & Some Broadleaf Weeds
Microyl (Use w/Drive XLR8 & Pylex)
SpeedZone – Broadleaf Control for Turf
Brushmaster Herbicide (Woody & Viney Stem Control + Broadleaf)
Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide (Broadleaf Control)
Sedge Hammer Herbicide – Kills Nutsedge
Ranger Pro (Generic Roundup)
FeRROMEC – Lquid Iron 15-0-0
Bifenthrin IT 7.9F Insecticide-Termiticide
Signal (Dye/Marker)
Ornamec Over-The-Top (Controls Grass in Ornamentals)
Chlorothalonil DF – Fungicide
Propiconazole (Pre-em for Fungus)
Pramitol 25E – Total Vegitation Control of Weeds
Surf-Ac 820 (Non-ionic Surfactant) (Sticker)
Crossroad Weed & Brush Herbicide (Controls Woody Plants & Brush)
3336F Clearys Turf & Ornamental Fungicide
Diamond Grow (Organic Root Builder)
Drive 75 (Crabgrass Control)

Not all products listed above are manufactured by Lebanon Seaboard Corporation. See dealer for details.